Orders are shipped from our warehouses within a working day from the date of order confirmation and are delivered to the receiving address registered by the customer within a period ranging from five to ten working days.

At the moment our products are shipped to the Arabian Gulf region, specifically to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

A shipping fee of eight US dollars or its equivalent in local currency is charged for each delivery unless there is a free delivery in accordance with the applicable terms or if there are offers.

The products are shipped from outside the Arab region, and accordingly, the prices of the products displayed on the Abanosi store are not inclusive of value-added fees or customs duties, and the entire cost falls on the customer.

The customer is obligated to write his delivery data correctly, such as the home address, the neighbourhood, the country and the contact number to avoid any errors or delays in the delivery process, and the customer shall be fully responsible in the event that this occurs.

Abanosi shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the delivery process or the cost thereof in accordance with the above clause.

In the event that the data recorded by the customer is correct and an error occurred in the delivery process or a loss of the orders sent, Abanosi bears the full cost involved.

If there are any questions or inquiries regarding the shipping and delivery process, you can contact us via the Contact Us page and you will be answered as soon as possible.

This shipping and delivery policy is subject to change or modification whenever there is a need to do so and our customers will be notified via their email addresses registered with us.