Because at Abanosi, we care about the satisfaction of our customers with our services and products, and with the willingness to build a relationship based on mutual trust, we have developed this policy that allows you to cancel the orders you have made or return the products before or after receiving them and refund your money according to the conditions contained in this policy.

Cancel Purchase Orders

Purchase orders must be cancelled within 24 hours from the time of completing the purchase process so that no fees related to the processing and shipping process are charged, and if the cancellation process exceeds the time specified above, the cost related to the processing and shipping process, if any, may be deducted from the payment amount After review and evaluation by the work team.

Customers can cancel the purchase process by logging to their accounts and then via the orders page and clicking on the “cancel” icon in case the order is still under processing, or clicking on the “refund” icon if the purchase order has been completed.

The Abanosi team will review the cancellation request and the customer will be contacted via the email registered on his account.

The full amount of purchase or the remainder after the deduction is refunded by the same payment method that the customer paid through and it takes a period of time ranging from one to three days according to the payment method that was used.

Return and refund

A request for a refund of the purchase amount must be submitted within a period not exceeding seven days from the date of receiving the request, with an explanation of the reason for the return. Subject to the following conditions:

  • The product must be in its original packaging.
  • The product must not have been damaged after completing the delivery process.
  • Documents proving the purchase and receipt must be attached with the product.
  • Products that were on promotional or discounted offer cannot be returned.
  • The returned product cannot be exchanged for another product with the same purchase order.
  • If the customer wishes to return the product and it is in conformity with what was stated in the purchase order and is free of manufacturing defects, he shall bear the full return cost.
  • If the product is delivered damaged or not in conformity with what is mentioned in the purchase order, or if there is an error in the required size, it will be returned without any additional cost to the customer.

The customer can login to his/her account in Abanosi and through the orders page he requests a refund of the purchase amount on the orders he purchased and specify the reasons for the return, and he will receive a message on his/her e-mail indicating that the return process is being processed.

The Abanosi team will review and evaluate the refund request and then accept or reject the refund process based on the above conditions.

The purchase amount will be refunded after receiving the returned products from the customer and ensuring their safety, and then the refund process begins after any dues related to the processing and shipping process or any other administrative costs are met.

This policy is subject to modification and change by Abanosi without prior notice and is binding on all users. Customers who have accounts on our site will be notified when any change takes effect via their email registered with us.

Our customers and visitors to our website can inquire about any information regarding the return and refund process by contacting us via the Contact Us page.